Exercise program

If you choose to engage me for individual health and exercise services I customize them with you according to your specific needs. I do not offer packages with, for instance, general dietary advice or exercise programs that fit “all”. If you have a specific disease or disability that may limit your opportunities for physical exercise we consider this together. Or, perhaps you have life problems you need to solve together with an impartial, compassionate person before they get out of hand. In our discussions I combine current research findings with tested experience, common sense and humaneness. Naturally, I am bound by professional secrecy.

Group training sessions

Booked groups according to separate agreement. The final price depends on who pays the rent for the place (Wonnes wellness or the customer), how many participants and how many sessions. I conduct everything from separate sessions, of, for instance, 2 x 45 minutes to courses that last the whole autumn or spring term, approximately 10 sessions per term. No courses or training sessions are offered in July.

Individual training sessions

Adapted to your wishes. I can accompany you to a fixed training session if the organizer allows it, or, alternately, have my own training session for one or several customers. The price is dependent on the circumstances. You pay my participant fee in fixed training sessions plus 43,40 €/h (the price includes 24% VAT) if you are a separate customer. I bill my own training session for one or several customers according to the same principles as group training sessions. Depending on the distance I will charge you for kilometre allowance when using my own car.

This autumn I have the opportunity to offer PT services at Ladies Club & Spa in Vasa as part of my training. This requires that the customer is a member or has rental membership in Wasa Sports Club. I also have the opportunity to offer PT services for customers at 8Gym in Kvevlax as long as I am a student. Then you pay me 43,40 per hour, or a package fee according to the price list on “Exercise and dietary advice”. If I accompany you to another gym, you will have to pay the fee that the gym charges outside PTs that use their premises.

Distance packages

If you wish, I arrange exercise programs + dietary advice + discussions about lifestyle changes + one month follow-up once per week via email, telephone or Skype for 185 € (the price includes 24%VAT).

Attention! Tyky- and Smartum-vouchers can be used as means of payment.