Would you like to become stronger, healthier, or more active? Sleep better? Get rid of pain? Wonnes Wellness can help you in many ways.


Individual Training Sessions

Adapted to your wishes. I can accompany you to a fixed training session if the organizer allows it, or, alternately, have my own training session for one or several clients. The price depends on the circumstances. You pay my participant fee in fixed training sessions plus 52,08 €/h (the price includes 24% VAT) if you are a separate client. I bill my own training session for one or several clients according to the same principles as group training sessions. Depending on the distance I will charge you for kilometre allowance when using my own car. If you would like me to accompany you to a gym, you will have to pay the fee that the gym charges outside PTs who use their premises.


Individual sessions for Wonnes Wellness clients 
43,40 €/60 minute session (the price includes 24%VAT) the price will be 52,08 €/60 minute session (including 24%VAT) as from 1 September 2020. If the client has a gym membership and wishes to have Wonnes Wellness PT services at the gym, the client should pay the additional costs this may entail.

Photo: Josefine Dahlgren

Attention! Tyky- and Smartum-vouchers can be used as means of payment.


"We in FC Brändöpojkarnas women’s team engaged Yvonne to arrange physical exercise as a preparation for the football (soccer) season. We were very happy with the training and felt it was challenging but rewarding and simultaneously motivated us to continue. Yvonne listened to our wishes and the exercise was carefully planned so that it would suit football (soccer) players. She helped us to perform the exercises in a technically correct way and a big plus was that she gave us the fitness program on paper so that we could continue on our own.

Josefine Dahlgren