Would you like to become stronger, healthier, or more active? Sleep better? Get rid of pain? Wonnes Wellness can help you in many ways.



Exercise or Personal Training? It is always good to stay active. You may find inspiration to exercise in a book, a magazine, online, or in a friend…but if you engage a FISAF Personal Trainer you will receive one or several exercise programs that suit you, your goals, background and needs. You can work out at the gym, in your home, or in nature…your creativity is the limit. Allow yourself to feel better, increase your endurance and fulfil your dreams!

Photo: Sandra Holmäng

Personal Exercise Program

If you choose to engage me for individual health and exercise services I customize them with you according to your specific needs. I do not offer packages with, for instance, general dietary advice or exercise programs that fit “all”. If you have a specific disease or disability that may limit your opportunities for physical exercise we consider this together. Or, perhaps you have life problems you need to solve together with an impartial, compassionate person before they get out of hand. In our discussions I combine current research findings with tested experience, common sense and humaneness. Naturally, I am bound by professional secrecy.


Exercise program + instruction

149 € (the price includes 24%VAT), includes interview, program for exercise at the gym or in your home and I walk you through the exercises first. 
Individual training sessions for WSCs clients
79 €/60 minute session (the price includes 24%VAT)

Individual training sessions for Wasamove’s clients 
70 €/60 minute session (the price includes 24%VAT)
Personal Training-services for Carpella Gym and Painovoimala members
  52,08 €/ 60 minute session (the price includes 24%VAT). 


Wonnes Wellness Personal Training-services

Exercise program + instruction 
149 € (the price includes 24%VAT), includes interview, program for exercise at the gym or in your home and I walk you through the exercises first.
Individual training sessions for Wonnes Wellness clients

52,08 €/ 60 minute session (including. 24%VAT). If the client has a gym membership and wishes to have Wonnes Wellness PT services at the gym, the client should pay the additional costs this may entail.

Photo: Sandra Holmäng
Photo: Yvonne Näsman

Attention! Tyky- and Smartum-vouchers can be used as means of payment.


"I like strength training for it helps me to develop not just physically but also mentally. The gym is my haven and it is like the best therapy for me where I truly live in the here and now. Yvonne has been my PT for a long time and always been very careful to develop a schedule for my background and goals. She has motivated me and she has, in a safe and professional way, been by my side through many training sessions. What I like the most with Yvonne is her extensive expertise in healthcare and her flexibility and adaptation to meet her clients’ needs and wishes."

Johanna Westerholm

"We have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Yvonne for many years, first as an instructor in group sessions, where especially the older generation appreciated her calm and matter-of-fact demeanour. Later she is also liked as a PT."