Would you like to become stronger, healthier, or more active? Sleep better? Get rid of pain? Wonnes Wellness can help you in many ways.



Exercise or Personal Training? It is always good to stay active. You may find inspiration to exercise in a book, a magazine, online, or in a friend…but if you engage a FISAF Personal Trainer you will receive one or several exercise programs that suit you, your goals, background and needs. You can work out at the gym, in your home, or in nature…your creativity is the limit. Allow yourself to feel better, increase your endurance and fulfil your dreams!

Photo: Sandra Holmäng

Personal Exercise Program

If you choose to engage me for individual health and exercise services I customize them with you according to your specific needs. I do not offer packages with, for instance, general dietary advice or exercise programs that fit “all”. If you have a specific disease or disability that may limit your opportunities for physical exercise we consider this together. Or, perhaps you have life problems you need to solve together with an impartial, compassionate person before they get out of hand. In our discussions I combine current research findings with tested experience, common sense and humaneness. Naturally, I am bound by professional secrecy.

Strong Nation Personal Coaching

Would you like to exercise to the beat of inspiring music while getting or staying in shape in a more one-on-one, personalized experience than that of the usual group fitness room? STRONG NationTM Personal Coaching is an effective high intensity workout with a personal coach solo or in a small group (max. 5 participants). The only equipment you need is a mat.

Photo: Caroline Eriksson
Photo: Caroline Eriksson

NAT Trigger Point Therapy

This might be the solution for you, if you’re primarily looking for a workout concept that will alleviate and prevent physical pain. You’ll get a personal exercise program with movements and stretches based on your health problems. The best results are reached if you combine your workout with NAT Trigger Point Therapy treatments consisting of, among other things, assisted stretching, muscle energy techniques, and pressure techniques to reduce pain.

Caring conversations

Are you in the need of supportive conversations during difficult periods in your life?


I’m a registered nurse, midwife and hold a PhD in Caring Science. Coaching with a caring and healing approach may help you to find a way to acknowledge and master your life situation.

Photo: Caroline Eriksson
Photo: Caroline Eriksson
Photo: Sandra Holmäng
Photo: Yvonne Näsman