"I like strength training for it helps me to develop not just physically but also mentally. The gym is my haven and it is like the best therapy for me where I truly live in the here and now. Yvonne has been my PT for a long time and always been very careful to develop a schedule for my background and goals. She has motivated me and she has, in a safe and professional way, been by my side through many training sessions. What I like the most with Yvonne is her extensive expertise in healthcare and her flexibility and adaptation to meet her clients’ needs and wishes."

Johanna Westerholm

"We have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Yvonne for many years, first as an instructor in group sessions, where especially the older generation appreciated her calm and matter-of-fact demeanour. Later she is also liked as a PT."

"We in FC Brändöpojkarnas women’s team engaged Yvonne to arrange physical exercise as a preparation for the football (soccer) season. We were very happy with the training and felt it was challenging but rewarding and simultaneously motivated us to continue. Yvonne listened to our wishes and the exercise was carefully planned so that it would suit football (soccer) players. She helped us to perform the exercises in a technically correct way and a big plus was that she gave us the fitness program on paper so that we could continue on our own.

Josefine Dahlgren


"My name is Johnny (57) and I became interested in Yin Yoga almost 5 years ago. At the time I suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and rigidity which had not improved with age. During my wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis, my regular practice of Yin Yoga became a tool to cope with it. In my job I always have to inspire and “deliver” – therefore I appreciate and look forward to the calmness and being myself in yoga, where one strives to be the best version of oneself. This thought and philosophy appeal to me more and more. I have practiced yoga for the last few years with Yvonne as instructor. Besides being a very good and skilled yoga instructor, I am also impressed by the fact that she communicates with us (participants) in three languages as well as in Sanskrit. She is also always well-prepared and explains everything in a matter-of-fact, calm and accessible way.
I really look forward to Yvonne’s next yoga class!"


"Yvonne has been working as an hourly paid teacher at the Wasa YogaCenter since 15 October 2018. She has taught Yin & Yang (2018->) and Vinyasa (2020->). Yvonne is a conscientious yoga teacher with great pedagogical knowledge and is appreciated by both students and colleagues. Her ability to impeccably teach in three languages (also simultaneously) makes her an irreplaceable teacher at the Wasa YogaCenter.

Yvonne is a good and versatile leader for group exercises. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. After a sweaty jumpp class or a catchy zumba class with Yvonne I feel happy, energetic and adequately tired in my whole body!​

Happy 66-year old who enjoys working out with others

Yvonne is very competent and our collaboration has been very successful. I highly recommend Wonnes Wellness services.

Jannica Silvander Koskinen
Managing director, Folkhälsan in Vasa

We successfully cooperate with Yvonne and the exercise courses run smoothly! She is positive, responsible, reliable, and has a clear plan for her work. Still, most valued is Yvonne’s contact with course participants – she really cares about everybody and makes sure that everyone is taken care of with the background they have. Yvonne is professional and both partners and course participants appreciate this.

Joanna Kraft-Nappari
Teacher-planner, dance and exercise, Vasa Arbis and Vaasa-opisto
Yvonne is an engaging and inspiring zumba instructor! In her Zumba Gold there is always great music and adequately demanding choreography. We like this!
Pensioner, 66