Would you like to become stronger, healthier, or more active? Sleep better? Get rid of pain? Wonnes Wellness can help you in many ways.



Booked groups according to a separate agreement. The final price depends on who pays for the rent (Wonnes wellness or the client), how many participants and how many sessions. I conduct occasional classes such as 2 x 45 minutes and courses spanning autumn and/or spring term, circa 10 classes per term. No courses or classes are held in July.



In Yin & Yang yoga, dynamic, active movement sequences combine with calm and relaxing deep stretches. The Yang part is synchronized with the breath and increases circulation and muscle tone. The Yin part and its long stretches affect the inner organs of the body and stimulate joints and connective tissue. Each hour ends with 15 minutes of relaxation or meditation.

Yoga originates in India but most people associate “yin and yang” with Chinese philosophy. Yin yoga has been developed in the West and is used as a form of opposite to Yang Yoga in order to obtain the best results. Yin and yang, life’s opposites – darkness and light, rest and work etc. – must be balanced in order for human beings to be well. During a Yin & Yang Yoga class, movement and stillness, dynamic and static work etc. should harmonize. One day you may need to move more to feel the challenge and joy in the body’s potential, and another day you may need to calm down to reach the body’s deeper tissues and for the ”soul to catch up with the body”. Most of the time a little bit of both is beneficial.


Photo: Martina Uthardt
Photo: Caroline Eriksson


My so-called Päiväjooga (Daytime Yoga) classes can be categorized as a form of Hatha Yoga. The program during these classes varies. Sometimes we practice a particular asana (posture), but most of the time we practice calm flow yoga, where one posture is practiced after another synchronized with the breath. Most often I begin with 5 minutes of winding down, to assess how we feel and find a calm breathing rhythm, each in our own pace. Then follow a 20 minute flow sequence, a 15 minute stretching sequence and 5 minute concluding relaxation. I always give the participants the opportunity to offer feedback, which I take into account when planning the following week’s class. Because the group is usually large (about 20 people in a room for a maximum of 30 participants), I am not able to help each participant individually during class, but participants can let me know if they wish to have individual assistance, either during class or afterwards.


Yoga Shred® is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fitness style created by Sadie Nardini. The training is based on mindful yoga alignment and Western anatomy for safer, stronger results. With Yoga Shred®, you’ll experience a full body cardio workout that takes Vinyasa Yoga as a starting point. You can participate in my Yoga Shred® classes starting in September 2021 at Wasa Yoga Center, Norrvalla in Vöyri or in online classes arranged by the Adult Education Centre of Korsholm.
Photo: Caroline Eriksson


Vinyasa Yoga is inspired by such forms as Astanga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga offers strengthening exercise with soft and powerful postures that challenge body and mind in a versatile way. Classes may vary. We gradually build up to sun and moon salutations and other series of flow-type movements paired with the breath. Because the sequences can be performed in alternative ways, the classes suit everyone. Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement and we move with our breath in a conscious flow. The goal is to have fun and simultaneously attain a strong body, calm mind, and open heart!
Vinyasa can also refer to a sequence of movements where you do a push-up and raise your upper body then lower it only to lift the tailbone toward the ceiling in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog), which looks like an upside-down turned V. Often different sequences during a Vinyasa class are linked with this movement sequence.




Yin Yoga is a simple and slow-paced form of yoga that suits all. We practice long, relaxing stretches and holds. You balance your body and soul when stretching your muscles, connective tissues and mind. Yin Yoga is a pleasant form of mindfulness that helps you cope with stressful situations in everyday life. You rest in the stillness without performance related pressure. Let go, rest and allow yourself a moment of recuperation!