Diet – One of the Three Pillars of Health



Exercise, diet and rest represent three pillars of health, energy to exercise and development. The most important is your everyday diet, because daily eating habits are central for your overall health and wellbeing. A sensibly balanced diet helps you reach your goals and reduces the risk for illness and injuries.

I can help you with a dietary program if you, for instance, wish to

  • make your exercise more effective
  • achieve better results
  • maintain or improve your resistance
  • maintain or attain an appropriate body composition

The FISAF Personal Trainer education includes dietary advice as part of a whole. I’m also a Plate by Zumba™ Coach, whose aim is to support clients wanting to have a healthy diet as part of an active lifestyle.

I am not a licensed dietary counselor or nutritional therapist, but I have always been interested in diet, cooking and nutritional content. I have basic training in nutrition from two different educations. After my pregnancies I returned to normal weight with the help of portion control and balanced meals. This has been important because overweight runs in the family. I wish to avoid obesity and the health problems that may result from it.

I base my advice on the client’s dietary habits, cooking interests and potential wishes for special diets. Together we discuss a model that can be realized. The client eats food, no powders or other meal substitutes are used.