Do you feel a lack of balance in your life? Do you need to start fresh or do you need a push in the right direction? – I am not able to fix your life, but I can support you and help you see your potential when you wish to make greater or smaller life changes.
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Would you like to become stronger, healthier, more active? Sleep better? Get rid of pain? Wonnes Wellness can help you in many ways


Personal Exercise Programs

Exercise alone or together with me! I help you reach your goals.

Individual Training Sessions

Would you like to choose exercise level and intensity yourself and not have to show up in time for group appointments or compare yourself to others? Then you and I can exercise together, I am quite happy to do it online as well, if you prefer that – distance is no obstacle!

Dietary Advice

What do YOU need?


Breathe, unite body and mind, relax, strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility with yoga, in group or alone by yourself – I help you find the form of yoga that is right for you!

Group Training Sessions

Group training offers community and joy. You become fitter, happier and it will be easier to focus in your daily life. You also become more flexible, stronger and healthy.

Relaxation treatments

Alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and tension with Indian head massage, Gua Sha or Reiki. Or why not try a combination of all three?


If you engage a FISAF Personal Trainer you will receive one or several exercise programs that are right for you, your goals, your background and needs. You can work out at the gym, in your home, or in nature … your creativity is the only limit. Allow yourself to feel better, increase your endurance and fulfil your dreams!

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If you choose to engage me for individual health and exercise services I customize them with you according to your specific needs. I do not offer packages with, for instance, general dietary advice or exercise programs that fit “all”. If you have a specific disease or disability that may limit your opportunities for physical exercise we consider this together. Or, perhaps you have life problems you need to solve together with an impartial, compassionate person before they get out of hand. In our discussions I combine current research findings with tested experience, common sense and humaneness. Naturally, I am bound by professional secrecy.

autumn 2021:
I'm occupied for most of the time during september-november, but please feel free to contact me if you're in need of personal training, treatment or caring conversations - maybe we find a date and time that suits both of us!