Why should you choose me to support you in your life?

Thanks to a versatile educational background and long life experience I have the opportunity to support people in different life situations from a holistic view of the human being. I see the human being as an indivisible unity of body, soul and spirit where all the “pieces” affect a human being’s health and well-being.

I am a registered nurse and midwife and have a doctoral degree, PhD (Health Care). Additionally, I am a LesMills certified instructor in BODYPUMP™, a licensed Zumba Fitness® instructor, a spinning instructor trained by Wasa Sports Club, a FISAF Fitness Assistant, a FISAF Fitness Instructor, a FISAF Personal Trainer and a yoga teacher. I am also a trained Reiki practitioner. My knowledge about physical health, diet and exercise is comprehensive, and supplemented with an open view on life and non-medical methods for care and welfare.

If you choose to engage me for individual health and exercise services I customize them with you according to your specific needs. I do not offer packages with, for instance, general dietary advice or exercise programs that fit “all”. If you have a specific disease or disability that may limit your opportunities for physical exercise we consider this together. Or, perhaps you have life problems you need to solve together with an impartial, compassionate person before they get out of hand. I combine current research findings with tested experience, common sense and humaneness. Naturally, I am bound by professional secrecy.